Death Command

By P. Vijay Kumar

Crime & mystery, Thriller

Paperback, eBook

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3 mins

Chapter 7

Gender was biased, when the female officer Ms. Kluafray took up the new job as an Investigation Officer.

Ms. Kluafray’s the most acclaimed investigator as her subject’s criminal physiology. She has a perfect plan of investigation; few learnt the right procedure of the thorough investigation. Seldom a few, had acquired the art of extracting the truth, after a long period of service. Understands; ascertains the facts quickly, comes to an early conclusion and prepares the perfect questionnaire for her suspects. Her procedure never failed and awarded as the best IO in cracking the internal affairs and criminal cases. The defaulters are afraid of her validation techniques and recheck methods. Few checked their involvements, either directly or indirectly and try to be safe, and sometimes get caught. While she’s on job the unit officers are afraid and took precaution, as her approach’s fair, direct and strict with the subject. She applies for required permissions and gets it sanctioned well in advance. She never complied with any third voice as it may make her task hard with the suspect and uncalled third version. Educates the involved persons about their rights and makes them free to speak their minds, politely stating it would affect their service.

Few, assuming her to be on their side, easily accept or tell the truth. Sometimes, it’s a pain trying to console and convince them of their guilt. She earned this talent in short span of her service, prefers informal style and the oral information than written, as it scares the accused and the witnesses. She records the statement on the tape for few cases, of course with permission. Now she’s dealing with the hard times with the new assignment. She’s investigating a strange case; theft, misuse of weapon and the ammunition. She arrived last night, after the enquiring the border units. The results after research and interviews proved no strong evidence, or no witnesses to prove the allegation. She’s upset, as her investigation’s fetched no new illustrations of assigned accusations against the liable. The base records proved the genuine figures and did not find anything suspicious. The figures of weapon and ammunition count tallied, and there’s no reason to further pursue for the information.

~ 21 ~

Under the Sun, one may lie and pretend, but the deadly night can scare, to accept the truth.

Ms. Kluafray went to the park beside the airport and searched the place where she hid her weapon. She walked to the mango groove and recognised the ninth tree. Its two branches almost touched the ground, took the support of the strong branch and climbed. Placed her hand in bole and collected her pistol. It’s wrapped in a polythene sheath. Jumped down, secured the pistol in her waist and walked out of the park.

She called her friend, hired a cab and reached his office at a remote place beside the seashore. Its restricted area and he came out of his office, signed and took her to his office. A rectangular room of forty by thirty feet and the floor’s covered with heavy and big cables. The cables slimed down into many, further into smaller pairs, and terminated into long standing equipment. Each of the frames marked and labelled with an alpha-numeric code. The installations are the data transmission units of the internet. He’s a maintenance engineer for the global internet gateway transmission. They walked into a retiring room. He asked her sit on a bed; took two beers form a small refrigerator and offered her one. Both tossed theirs beers. She preferred him and the place for a respite from her job. He went to other room; returned after five minutes with a print of messages.
“Read these messages,”
“Are these messages?”
She went through the messages; each sheet’s tabulated with the IP address, date, time, name, email id and the matter. Few messages were asking for help, other thanked and informed they donated. Someone’s desperate to meet him, and the other message was strange and ordering to complete the job. She marked two messages, and read again with the date and time sequence. There’s a gap of two days, a new, and an unchecked mail, and she asked him to brief her. He smiled and asked her
“Do you doubt the people who contacted him?”
“What do you want to know?” He questioned her.
“What did you find?”
“The last two mails has the stuff,” he took a sip and continued

~ 37 ~

Knowledge of the subject sometimes makes one to act against the rule, especially with weapons.

Spark’s drunk, crashed the garage, and the door broke into pieces. Slammed the car door and walked into the house. He did not find Col. in the living room; went to his room, dragged him from his bed, and pushed him on his favourite seat. He took out the cheque, tore into pieces, threw over him and said
“Old bastard, I trusted you, played your tune and now, you showed your true colour.”
“You cunning bastard and it’s the reason you’re abandoned by your family and friends.”
“Sparrk mi ssn, I’ll exssplain.”
“Screw you old man, I had been loyal to you all these years, satisfied you’re every dirty wish. I never failed, it’s by you old bastard, I am defeated now?”
He took a breath and continued
“I screwed everybody whom you didn’t like. Poor Dabwi’s dragged in for your safety, and forced him to accept your dirty game. Missed a fucking chance of that sexy bitch, you made her a joker in your play.”
He’s heaving and searched for water, found a half-emptied whisky bottle. Took few gulps, coughed, and it cleared his throat.
“Now listen, you dirty bastard, with no further question pay for my hard work or,”
His statement angered the Col. and he said
“Shuth yrr ass, you didnth keep yur promiss, and yrr bhind my money. Don’th you sshame yrr vague existence?”

Copyright © 2014 Pagadala Vijay Kumar



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