From a Billion Dollars to Nothing

By Chris Lyons

New adult fiction, Personal growth

Paperback, eBook

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2 mins

From a Billion Dollars to Nothing.

There is nothing wrong with being wealthy. Money allows people to sometimes help others in ways that are unimaginable. If I become a billionaire, maybe it will shield me from the horrible childhood I have witnessed. My wealth will allow me to marry a beautiful woman who I will disappoint over and over again. Wealth will allow me to be seen as successful. I never want to be poor. I am going to rely on just myself. Thousands of people will see me as a true success story. My two wonderful children will somehow find a way to see me as a role model even though I have probably screwed up their lives. I will want for nothing because I will be able to just get what I need. I don’t want my life to be a joke. I am afraid at times it has been. I just want to find my place in this world. Hopefully my money will make a difference before it is too late. A rambling note written by Tom Heartland discussing his life.

Ever since I was 12 years old, the dream was to become a billionaire. Everything fiber of my being was focused on how to generate a wealth. The 4 bank statements that were staring back at me were surreal. The combined wealth of my accounts totaled $1,185,263,523. I am a billionaire. I have more money than I will ever want. Thirty eight years of my life was dedicated to being self-centered, focused, driven and not caring about anyone or anything. My childhood taught me to fend for myself. No one was going to help me or guide me. I did not have a mentor or a person to look up to. My personal life was an embarrassment. I cheated on my wife. I left my daughter. I disowned my son. I did this because I wanted to be a billionaire. It is great accomplishment if you think about it. There are not too many people that take their birthday money up until their 12th birthday, $2,500 dollars, and turn it into a billion dollars. I have no friends. I don't have a legacy. The people in my business life just want to kiss my ass because they think I have some magic fairy dust that will make them money. I set out with a goal and I achieved it.

I received praise throughout my career. Numerous awards were given to me. I spoke at many conferences and traveled around the world meeting with famous people. It was fun and incredibly lonely. In my 50 years of living, I learned one simple truth. I haven't done one fucking thing in my life. I am 50 years old and I truly have nothing. I do not have anything to fight for. You can't fight for money. You can earn it. You can be a slave to it. When I look back at my life, I realized that I didn’t know what was important. They say that all people have one defining moment. Starting today, I will try to do one selfless thing each day. I am about to give away a billion dollars! This is everything I have ever earned. I have come to this conclusion with a lot of thought. It is all I think about. Let me first tell you where I have been and what has brought me to this moment. My story is about almost not being born, a childhood bond, a drive for wealth, two wonderful and different kids and a hope for a recovered soul which has been lost in the darkness. It has been 50 years of selfishness on my part. My hope is that this project I am undertaking will save others from despair and in turn save me. I know what you are probably thinking, fifty years an asshole and one year of pure selflessness. I am trying to not to think like that. I am trying to think that it is never too late for redemption or a hopeful comeback. How do you make a decision to give away a billion dollars? There must be a story. There is. This is it!



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