Mighty Pete and the School Bully School

By Pat Anderson

Children's, Action & adventure

Paperback, eBook

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2 mins

Chapter 1

Have you got everything, Pete?’ asked Mrs. Patterson as she guided her son out the door, patting down his blond hair in an effort to make it look tidier.
‘I think so, mum,’ answered Pete. ‘No, wait a minute…’ he rummaged in his schoolbag. ‘You need to sign my homework.’
Mrs. Patterson took the jotter and opened it up. She always liked to check things before putting her name to them.
‘I’m glad to see your work’s looking a lot neater these days.’ She checked a couple of the sums and, satisfied that the answers were correct, she signed her name at the bottom of the page with the pen that Pete handed her.
‘Bye, mum,’ said Pete, thrusting the jotter back into his bag as he rushed out the door.
‘Oh, Pete!’ called his mum as he was almost at the garden gate. ‘I forgot to say; I got a letter from your Auntie Cathy saying that she’s coming over to visit in two weeks’ time.’
But Pete did not really take in what she had said. He had more important things to take care of. He rushed down the street, turned the corner, crossed the road carefully, ran into the park and sat on a bench. He took the homework jotter out of his bag and drew a green rubber from his jacket pocket. He looked at the work that his mum had just signed. He paused for only a few seconds before carefully rubbing out all the answers. He checked the page. It looked perfect. He was glad that he had used a sharp pencil and had written very lightly; it was easier to rub out without anyone noticing what he had done. He put the rubber away and got a pencil out of his inside jacket pocket. He spent the next few minutes writing in the most stupid answers he could think of and then put the jotter back in his bag.
As he slung the bag over his shoulder and made his way to school he had time to think about what his mother had called to him. Auntie Cathy came over from Canada every year and stayed for about a week. Pete’s dad dreaded these visits; she was obsessed with germs and cleaned everything about three times before using it. Pete’s dad called her Auntie Septic when Mrs. Patterson was not around to hear. All her shenanigans drove him mad; but he always forced a smile and pretended that he was delighted to see her because she was Mrs. Patterson’s sister and the only family she had.
Pete quite enjoyed seeing his Auntie; she always brought over lots of weird sweets and things from Canada.
The only thing that spoiled her visits was that she always brought him a present, but not the sort of present he would have liked. He remembered last year’s present: a plastic soldier’s helmet. It had the letters MP on the front. Auntie Cathy had told him that it stood for MILITARY POLICE and meant that he could be in charge when he and his friends played at soldiers. He was about to tell her that nobody played at soldiers anymore but his mum shook her head so he just thanked her and smiled as if it were the best present anybody had ever given him.
His thoughts were interrupted by someone shouting for him. He turned round to see his friend and classmate, Stevie Davidson, running to catch up with him.
‘Did you get your homework done alright?’ he asked when he had caught up.
‘I just fixed it before you arrived,’ answered Pete.
‘It’s getting harder and harder to do,’ moaned Stevie. ‘I mean Mrs. Dunlop’s giving us easier work all the time and it’s nearly impossible to get the wrong answers!’
Pete knew what he meant. How were you supposed to get 2 times 2 wrong? They walked on in silence as they approached the gate at the other side of the park, which faced the entrance to their school. They stopped together suddenly. They had both spotted, at the same time, a boy trying to hide behind one of the concrete posts that held the park gates in place. He was not succeeding in keeping himself hidden as his body was too large.
This character was Barry Gibbons, the worst bully in the whole school. As well as having a large, bulky body he also had a huge head like a cannonball and a face like a Halloween cake.
‘Oh no!’ whispered Pete. ‘I bet you anything he’s waiting for us!’



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