Quentin James and the Arctic Adventure

By Simon Hartwell

Children's, Action & adventure

Paperback, eBook

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1 mins


‘Go ahead Isaac,’ said Clive.
‘I’m monitoring their communications and someone just said they advanced the clock 20 hours. Do you think they are talking about the clock on the bomb?’
‘Certain of it,’ said Gary, ‘How long does that give us?’
‘11 minutes 32 seconds,’ said Quentin.
‘Yes, spot on,’ said Isaac, sounding surprised.
‘What! I will need more time than that to defuse the bomb,’ said Stephanie.
‘You don’t have it. Let’s go,’ said Gary reaching up and opening the door.
Larry, Harry, Stephanie, and Violet were hot on Gary’s heels as he opened the door and darted inside.
The guards waiting inside saw the door open and then fell as darts were zipping through the air at them.
Quentin placed his hand on Clive, stopping him going in next, taking the position himself. Clive nodded.
Quentin was through the door, looking for assailants to shoot, his rifle butt firmly in his shoulder as he slowly traversed it left to right. Clive and Bluey were soon at his shoulder with Wolf bringing up the rear.
‘Could have left me one,’ Quentin grumbled.
He spun and shot a woman in a white lab coat coming out of a room.
‘Oh,’ Quentin said, feeling a little guilty having shot a scientist and a girl to boot.
‘Ok time’s a wasting. Clive, take your team and find Unwin. Guys, with me, let’s defuse that bomb,’ ordered Gary.
Clive led the way, the blue line on his wrist pad showing him the way.
They moved as a unit, Quentin was on Clive’s left, Bluey on his right with Wolf following up behind.
Everyone they saw they shot with their tranquilliser darts. Mostly scientists, as most of the guard were now unconscious, their ambush having failed so dramatically at the back door.
After climbing the stairs to the second level they moved down the corridor following Colin’s instructions. Quentin slowed and stopped as something registered in his mind but he couldn’t bring it to focus.
‘What’s up?’ said Clive stopping and looking back.
‘I don’t know. Something. Something back there.’



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