By Ron Shaw (@RonGizmo)

General fiction, Short stories, Religion & spirituality, Romance, Comedy & satire


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3 mins


Chapter 1. Yes or No

In ten days, Thanksgiving 2016 would be a wrap.
For one metro Atlanta family, this meant two of three sisters had less than a day to decide whether or not to be at their parent's table for the feast. The oldest sister, Glenda, would be there, showcasing her new love interest. Cindy and Ricki wanted no part of the brewing disaster.
"Tom, do you want to go or not?" Tom's wife of thirty years and mother of their two children, Will and Bethany, blurted out while the morning coffee percolated.
"Go where? What time is it? When will that coffee be ready? Where?"
"You know what I'm asking... Thanksgiving."
"Oh, we're on that again. I told you I'd do what you decided. I'll go if you want. The kids are looking forward to the festive madness."
"Whose kids?"
"Yours, dear."
"When did this happen? The last I heard Bethany was spending the Holiday with her boyfriend's family in Denver, and Will was off to Utah, skiing with his UGA, frat friends."
"Oops, I forgot to tell you. They called earlier this week while you were either at the mall or doctor's office. Bethany and her boyfriend are history, and Will can't ski anyway. They loved the idea of potentially seeing the ambulance, fire engines, and police again at your Mom and Dad's house.
"They'll be home in a few days."
"You forgot?"
"Yep, sorry."
"Now we have to attend.
"The good Lord only knows what'll happen this year.
"I didn't want to go.
"Tom, have you forgotten the last Thanksgiving at Mom's?"
"Certainly not. It has only been five years, and that day was a blast. It was the best Turkey Day ever."
"No wonder your children would rather talk with you than me. They're just like you. It was a disaster. We ended up eating at a Huddle House."
"My steak was good, and the hospital was like a party. The doctor and nurses enjoyed it. There's hardly any scarring on your arm from those stitches. Your sister, Ricki, needs to manage her meds better this time or another ambulance will come screaming."
"Enough already. I don't wish to relive it.
"Why didn't you tell me Bethany was single again? He was a nice young man. What happened?"
"Hold on. Our son and daughter helped put out the fire, too."
"I remember it all, Tom.
"Get on with the Bethany information."
"Don't quote me on this, but Bethany said he was caught dipping his device in a newer, evenly-tanned server ─ a dark-haired, buxom senior from Hollywood. I think she's a Ramblin' Wreck cheerleader."
"Oh my goodness! Who caught him?"
"Your daughter did and kicked his ass. Those are her words.
"He's toast. I never liked Blane anyway. Georgia Tech has too many California, surfer dudes going there. Who names their son Blane?"
Changing the subject, Cindy asked, "Our children will be home in a couple of days?"
"Yep, in a couple of days from yesterday or so. Maybe we'll see them today or tomorrow."
"You three will be the end of me. Alright. No problem. It'll be great having them home for the Holiday.
"Now I have to convince Ricki and her family to join us at Mom's. She and I do want to meet Glenda's new love, and it'd be nice to see the twins. They're at Southern Cal, you know."
"I know but wait a second. Did you say Glenda has a new love?"
"That's right."
"What happened to Miss gorgeous and delicious, college professor? She was fantastic."
"She wasn't all that."
"I thought so. She was beautiful, intelligent, witty, and outgoing."
"What is it about some men and lesbians? Explain it to me, if you can?
"Well, that's easy. We, hetero guys, share something in common with them, and for me, it's a matter of anyone being a decent, friendly, interesting, and caring person. The college professor was, and hopefully remains, all of these. Plus, I find it both beneficial and easy to appreciate beauty in women... like you, dearest."
"I understand. You're right. That's simple, but don't think for a second you've escaped the hook with me."
"Why did they split?" Tom stated, frowning.
"It seems your daughter's ex and the professor had a few things in common."
"Do tell?"
"A month or so ago, Glenda returned home a day early from a business trip, catching her partner in their bed with one of her blonde, graduate students."
"Oh, I see ─ working out her 'A', eh?"
"Exactly, but that earned the professor a swift 'B-B' as in bye-bye from Glenda."
"Who's Glenda's girlfriend now?"
"All I know about her is they've known each other for years through work, and she's almost half Glenda's age."
"Um, me on the hook, huh? You tell me what is about some women who go after lovers half their age?"
"I'd think they share something with many men."



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