The Landlord

By Heather Scrooby


Paperback, eBook

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He gently placed her lifeless body, dressed as she was in her wedding gown, on the single bed in the dimly lit, windowless room. It was supposed to be the greatest and happiest day of their life but instead it had ended in her death.
He touched her dirt streaked face with his own filthy index finger and lovingly, caressingly traced her jaw line.
My honey, he thought sadly. If only you had listened to me. If only you had heeded my warning, you would not be here now.
He bent down towards her neck and breathed in deeply.
“You smell lovely my honey,” he told her softly.
He stood up slowly, almost reluctantly. He was tall and the tiny room made him look even taller than he actually was. Even in this dark place he had a regal appearance, although he also exuded an air of something you could not quite place that gave you an undeniable feeling of uneasiness. But perhaps that was just the dim light and the almost sinister setting playing tricks with your mind.
Stooping over her lifeless body he kissed her lightly on her forehead. He placed his index finger softly on her chin and slowly continued down to trace his finger along her filthy wedding dress, between her breasts and down to her navel where he stopped as if deciding to go further.
Making up his mind he suddenly, almost angrily, stood up again, his mood shifting visibly.
He left her there, all alone, and walked purposefully towards the door. The wooden floor boards groaning and creaking beneath him. When he reached the barricaded door, he turned and looked towards her again. In testament to the fact that he was intimately familiar with this dark, smelly little room, without turning away from her to look for the light switch, his hand reached automatically to switch off the dim, solar powered light.
In the complete darkness that consumed them as the light disappeared, he turned and quickly removed the crude barricade, a plank, from the door and placed it down next to the doorway.
He quickly pulled the door open. The bright sunlight from outside refused to penetrate the room further than a few centimetres just by the doorway leaving the bride hidden in the complete darkness beyond.
Without looking back, he walked out, closing the door firmly behind him. Seconds later the telltale sounds of the door being locked from the outside filled the tiny, dark room. He had locked his lifeless bride away in the lonely darkness of her tomb.



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