Denim to Khaki

By Ian S Varty

Action & adventure, General fiction | Paperback, eBook

Richard Hunter is a family man working for the NHS in the North East of England. His background saw him being brought up within the military environment. Unsatisfied with his current employment, he often thinks back to his time in the Army. His father had been a soldier and it was Brett’s decision to follow him on this career path. The troubles in Northern Ireland were to be his initiation into ‘Operational Tours’. The realism and authenticity of its training, ensured that he would hopefully return unscathed. By the end of it, the question he had asked himself all those years ago, as a young man in his garden in Germany, would be answered. ‘Would he ever feel this same bond to others as he did now with these three friends?’

I was born in the North East of England. I joined the British Army at 16, following in my father's footsteps. During my 22 years service, of what could be described as a 'colourful career', I spent most of it overseas. Like everything in life you never appreciate things until they are gone.


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