Dust McAlan and the Heart of the Serpent

By CK Burch

Action & adventure | Paperback, eBook

1934: Treasure hunter Dust McAlan is the kind of rogue who finds himself knee-deep in trouble as often as he possibly can. Racing airplanes for a living -- as well as scouring the world for ancient treasure to sell to private collectors -- has a way of doing that. But after a meeting with a wealthy French aristocrat, Dust finds himself in search of a mythical jewel known as the Heart of the Serpent, a ruby with strange powers that could unlock the secrets of Atlantis. Old friends and new foes have separate ideas, however, as the same catastrophe that sunk Atlantis could rise in power once more. Adventure, pulp thrills, and terror collide as Dust races against time to locate the Heart of the Serpent. But the consequences could be more personal than he could even begin to imagine.

CK Burch is a self-published author/editor who has a predilection for historical fantasy, adventure, and science-fiction. He has been writing stories since his early childhood, after being whisked away into the land of Oz by the prose of L. Frank Baum. Since then he has set his sights on chasing the spirits of Steven Spielberg and Stephen King, seeking to craft blockbuster entertainment in the realm of the written word.




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