Elephant Stew

By Neil A. Ewart

Children's, Picture books & comics, Poetry | Paperback, eBook

It started off like any other day but after overhearing a conversation between his mum and dad this imaginative little boy spent all day wondering if what he had heard was true. Could he really be having Elephant Stew? Follow his journey throughout the day trying to work out how his mum could prepare elephant stew building up to a confrontation with his dad when It comes to tea time.

Being a father myself I loved nothing more than reading my children books at bedtime. I have always known that I had the ability to write stories, particularly in rhyme. I decided to start penning my ideas with the thought of one day bringing my stories to life. It is hard to believe but that day is finally here.


Neil A. Ewart

Neil A. Ewart

14 December at 00:35

Hello everyone... I hope you all enjoy my book. I have plenty more written and I hope to have them all published one day.

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