From a Billion Dollars to Nothing

By Chris Lyons

New adult fiction, Personal growth | Paperback, eBook

What is the purpose of your life? What happens when you realize that you never found your purpose till it was too late? What happens if you have a billion dollars and one more chance to change the world? Would you go all in!! Add this book to your cart and find out if Tom Heartland can use his money, help others and be a difference maker.

Chris Lyons wrote this book to inspire others to think about their own lives and purpose. Have you found your purpose? What would you do with a billion dollars? Could you be a difference maker? This is the author first attempt to find his purpose. Hope you like his first attempt!! Add this book to your cart and be inspired to find your own purpose.


Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

27 March at 16:08

This book will offer hope to all. Can someone truly change and give to others and find there purpose. One billion dollars, one year to live!!

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