From Albania to Sicily

By Adam Yamey

General non-fiction, Travel | Paperback, eBook

In the 15th century the Ottoman Turks invaded the Balkans where the Albanian people had been living since time immemorial. Many Albanians fled from the invaders. Some crossed the sea to Venice, others to southern Italy and Sicily. The Albanians, who settled in what is now Italy, are known as the Arbëreshë. They have lived and continue to live, side by side with the people who originated in the Italian lands. To a large extent, the Arbëreshë have preserved their distinct language and customs for over 500 years since leaving the Balkans. This is particularly the case of those who live in the largest of the 5 Arbëreshë communities in Sicily - Piana degli Albanesi. In this profusely illustrated book, Adam Yamey introduces the reader to the Sicilian Arbëreshë people.

Adam Yamey has been interested in the Balkans and their peoples for many decades. A keen traveller and photographer, he was born in England, educated at University College London, and works as a dental surgeon.




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