By Paul Griffin

Comedy & satire | eBook

Classic dry English humour in the form of short real life stories, make this a great read to lift your spirits and genuinely keep you amused. Also features outrageous persona Colonel Rage ranting his outdated and ridiculous but sometimes very poignant views on a number of issues. A unique book in its own right, influenced by Comic Icons such as Peter Cook, Tony Hancock and Ricky Gervais. Funny! 50% DISCOUNT AT SMASHWORDS SEE MY WEBSITE FOR DETAILS*****

London based Author Paul is new to writing, people have been telling him for years he should be a comic writer. So now he has finally put some of his work into eBook format. Being of a certain age he has a lot of experiences to draw on for material, also being of a certain age he is hoping for instant success as the prospect of being a posthumous writer of notoriety seems to lack appeal.




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