GITA: Yama, Agastya, Ashtavakra, Sanatan

By Munindra Misra

Religion & spirituality | Paperback, Hardback, eBook

Four kinds of Gita or Songs are presented in this book: 1. Yama: Nature of self 'Atma', the concept of Brahmin and how to attain moksha, liberation and free self from the cycle of rebirth 2. Agastya: Ego-sense is the source of all sins undoubtedly, So cut this ego-sense with sword of wisdom fully; When the whole universe is realized as illusory, All the cravings then loses the meaning totally 3. Ashtavakra: explains about knowledge, life, spirit, 'Jeeva' and 'Atma' comprehensively to enable a person the reach the ultimate objective of life - sublime bliss finally 4. Sanatan: Discusses about self, the Atma, as energy simply. It shows that the Almighty ‘Parmatama’ is true, pure energy, from where all other energies separate and will merge back finally.

The author, Munindra (Munnan) Misra, has been honored with a badge and awarded 'The Top Viewed Author Award' by Knol - A unit of knowledge of Google in 2011.




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