Guardians of the Crystals (Books One, Two, and Three)

By K.D. Martel

Fantasy, Romance, Sci-Fi | eBook

Guardians of the Crystals is a science-fiction fantasy adventure that takes you back in time thousands of years to when two highly advanced civilisations cohabited the Earth. The Atlanteans and the Osirion join together to share technology that is closely guarded by the Atlantean Crystal Guardians who use the dynamic energy of ancient crystalline entities to power their civilisation. The three books follow the intense relationships that form between the Guardians, their struggle to battle off world threats and the realisation that they share a never-ending love story over many lifetimes across space and time.

K.D. Martel is a writer and artist residing in Québec, Canada. She has published several online short stories and articles. Guardians of the Crystals is a Science Fiction Fantasy adventure saga with a love story that spans across several lifetimes. It is a work in progress since 2014 comprised of three novels with a fourth in progress.




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