Northern Moons

By Rob Taylor

Poetry | Paperback, eBook

With fifty new, original poems, Northern Moons emerges as a continuum to Rob Taylor's previous books, The Irreducible Primary and Noesis. His poetry surgically exposes uncomfortable truths specific to the absence of spirituality relative to influences imposed on the global population by governments, political systems, religion, and the impact of adults on the world's children. The spiritually-based essence of Taylor's poetry speaks to the layers of consciousness that compose our soul. Each line is constructed (regardless of content or perceived context) as an inspiration for the reader to engage in a mindfulness approach to understanding the dynamics and worth of human influence across the spectrum of creation.

Rob Taylor shares his writings and poetry as a modern perspective on spirituality and human behavior that draws on his years of spiritual study. Rob is a California native, now living in Toronto. He has been spiritually active for over fifty years.




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