By Adam Yamey

General non-fiction, Travel | Paperback, eBook

Albania Today! This informative travelogue offers a new look at Albania: its valiant people, its intriguing history, its wonderful landscapes, and its myriad attractions. The author, who first visited the country in 1984 when it was ruled by a repressive Stalinist dictatorship, rediscovers Albania now that it has become a democracy. Profusely illustrated, this book provides an insightful introduction to one of Europe’s lesser-known countries. Available in KINDLE and as a PAPERBACK:

This is Adam Yamey's 3rd book about Albania and the Albanians. He has been interested in the Balkans for many decades, and has travelled there extensively. A dental surgeon by profession, Adam describes himself as an AUTHOR-DENTIST. He was brought up and educated in London, where he lives with his wife and daughter.


Adam Yamey

Adam Yamey

6 November at 14:27

Explore one of Europe's lesser known countries by reading "REDISCOVERING ALBANIA" - an informative and amusing travelogue.

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