Sell Your Soul

By I.S. Petteice

General non-fiction, Current affairs | Paperback

The decline of America under the reign of Obama Socialism, his continual breakdown of our Constitutional Amendments by Executive Fiat, and the do-nothing Congress that is totally corrupt; the America that sold their soul in an election for a birth control pill. "The framers of the Constitution were very clear. If the government comes to take your guns, they are violating one of your constitutional rights that are covered by the Second Amendment. If they come for your guns then it is your constitutional right to put them six feet under."

I.S. Petteice began writing in 1970 after breaking her pelvis in a fall. With only being a fast typist and a researcher, she found she could do both on a laptop while recuperating for seven months in bed. She quickly put enough material together to begin her first book. Irene is from Nevada, loves our Constitution the way it is, and still believes we should say the Pledge of Allegiance with your hand over your heart.


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