By Heather Wielding

Fantasy | Paperback, eBook

As the earth moves, high seer J'dra knows the Balance of the Universe to be in danger. An ancient artefact is taken from its grave in the World of the Dead, and with it, rises a dark force. J'dra sends two young brothers to find the source of all evil, and as he does, his peaceful life as high seer is shattered. Portals open to take the brothers to unknown realms, and the Balance hangs by a thread. Might struggles to break free, and J'dra travels to Wizard's Peak to seek aid from Ingold the Great, only to find nothing as it was. The Universe is shifting, and the might of Sha-e-Fa alone is to blame. Will the brothers find a way to stop it from tearing the Balance apart? Or will darkness rule all known realms once more...

Heather Wielding is a Finnish indie author, specializing in dark and urban fantasy. Having been lost in the wonderland of stories most of her life, she paints words into dreamscapes of love and passion, of dragons and magic, of life beyond this mortal realm.



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