The Enigma of the Spirits

By Hector Jr.

Fantasy, Paranormal, Short stories, Horror | eBook

It began with the presumed death of Donovan, a psychic. Then the murder of Detective Knox, who was investigating Charles' murder, Donovan's death, and the murder of a child. It all goes downhill from there, as following Detective Knox's murder, an entire CSU unit is massacred. In an older part of town, in the Saxon Hotel, these string of murders brings together a group of psychics: Javana, Detective Ariel, a nurse by the name of Erick, and an old friend believed to be dead. All coming together from different aspects of life, to battle a suspected supernatural force, and try to unravel the mystery behind the Saxon Hotel.

A close friend of Charles Prime, Hector is a budding author and an attending student in a college somewhere. A riveting fan of horror and fiction, when Hector is not doing scholarly work, he is reading and writing (or thinking of what to read and write). Living in Texas, in an old neighborhood, with several cats and dogs, plus a poodle inside, he welcomes you to follow along and peer at his work.


Justin Bienvenue

Justin Bienvenue

10 February at 04:15

I love the cover of this book, great job!

Hector Jr.

Hector Jr.

11 February at 01:24

Thank - you. :)

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