The Stinky Fustilarian

By P

Comedy & satire, Short stories | eBook

Slimy things abound when Stinky looks under the rocks in an obscure state office. Stinky is always fresh, but in this tale he’s a fresh young lawyer with an odd assignment. He and a colleague are tasked with unclogging a mysterious backlog in a dark corner of a state bureaucracy. Stinky isn’t sure what to do when a staffer hands him some disturbing, but unrelated information. There are no happy endings for fustilarians in a Stinky Story, and if you are worried that you might be one, read on to see if you’re safe.

Years ago, Peter Grant did time as a consultant and encountered a client almost as strange as the one Stinky meets in "The Stinky Fustilarian." It's an example of tragedy plus time equals comedy. There are fifty-seven Stinky Stories and eight collections, seventy-seven stories in all. This story is included in "Stinky as Ever, Volume 5," a merry gathering of tales.


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