Escapist fiction for the beach

Robert Blakeley

Will J. Lindsey,
JF Hussey

JF Hussey

25 September at 09:52

Wanna escape? Here's the perfect beach read.

Meet Jerrod Beams, human cog. He's not even a piece of the machine. Just a piece of a piece. After 25 years as a government wage-slave, he's just spinning in place.

Every day, he commutes from his nice house to his good job and knocks off another of the 14,000 workdays of a federal career. Two mindless hours on the road every day, unrelieved by nine mindless intervening hours in his cubicle. He lives the nightmare life of the blandly comfortable, where his quiet desperation is silent even to his own ears.

Until he reads The Book: Timothy Ferriss' The 4-Hour Work Week.

This entrepreneurial self-help book forces him to examine his life. He realizes to his horror that not only is he miserable, but he cannot define his dream life. He just knows he needs Out!

Join Jerrod as he awakes from the nightmare of cubical-dwelling suburban conformity, escapes 9-to-5, and reclaims his birthright to happiness.

And while you're reading and fantasizing about your own escape plans, look for info and updates about upcoming projects at

James L Hill

James L Hill

31 May at 05:29

A raw in your face story of teenage love, lust, murder, and revenge set in the Bronx in the early seventies, where the cold business world of organize crime melds with the brutality of street gang warlords that ignites a winner takes all battle for underworld control.

Nicky ‘Nails’ Rocci’s gang is thick as thieves, but stealing mob money leads to murder. However, failing to kill Morris ‘Mojo’ Johnson is a costly mistake for
the Banoa family that adds to Morris’ mystique.

Maria Marino is a bewitching beauty, a sexy firebrand that has captured the heart of the feared warlord, Morris.

Nicky’s desire to lead his gang to the top of the New York criminal scene will ignite a mob war. Joey Banoa desires for Maria and Morris Johnson desire for vengeance unleashes Hellfire on the streets of New York.

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