Novels with lots of interior monologue

Stream-of-consciousness writing is usually regarded as a special form of interior monologue and is characterized by associative leaps in thought and lack of punctuation. Know of a book that fits these criteria? Add it to this theme!

Jemma Bush

Neetu Ahuja Srusti

Neetu Ahuja Srusti

15 February at 11:06

middlesex has a lot of interior dialogue

R. Ann Humphries

R. Ann Humphries

29 July at 18:02

Now a slave must lead his masters.

Sedich : The Annals of Lusiartha tells the story of Rilan Crendu, a 16 year old boy enslaved by the military might of the Regiment. Chosen by the sedich, a centuries-old stone imbued with the power of the Creator, Rilan must lead Lusiartha's rebels in an all-or-nothing war to win freedom for his people.

E.J. Nottingwood

E.J. Nottingwood

11 July at 17:59

"Zenith" by E.J. Nottingwood takes you to your average high school with your average female protagonist. Only, this female protagonist is in love with an abusive bully, who just so happens to be a female as well. "Zenith" is available in ebook formats.

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