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MY SAGA. Who will tell my saga without my lips? Must it be the steam of my life's mist? My saga is a ladybird on a fairy tale's chin. I wish this fairy tale wouldn't get lean. Someone will tell it with some other lips. My saga is bound to my breathing scripts. I can still hear these whistling winds. Whose saga are they telling with their own lips? I can still hear these rustling leaves. They might pick my saga off my blue-eyed scripts. STEP ON THESE PAPER PAGES! My memories! Step on these paper pages! Your nests are in my brain's cells. Life may invent a saga. However it's a saga itself. My ages! Step on these paper pages! Your nests are somewhere else. Life may invent a ballad. However it's a ballad itself. Miles! You have given your wings to airplanes. Do your legs belong to wheels and rails? Life can invent traffic. However it's traffic itself.

Arustamyan Anahit

Arustamyan Anahit

Arustamyan Anahit

14 July at 08:45

My poetry in prose contains lyrical and philosophical works.My poems are full of allegoric and metaphoric expressions.They reflect spiritual and lyrical emotions and philosophical thoughts.

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