Pat Monteath

Pat Monteath

17 August at 20:16

'Hidden Guilt' is the 2nd book in the Anton Zavorski occult series where once again Anton Zavorski finds he is the centre of Evil intent and a further learning curve on the Spiritual Plain ensues.

Who is the mysterious man in black?

What is his involvement in the Astral Plain?

Covington is a quiet law abiding town but beneath the veneer of respectability lurks a dark secret...

The story is incredible...
The consequences unimaginable...
The ending is unpredictable...

Pat Monteath

Pat Monteath

17 August at 20:06

'The Battle of Anton Zavorski' is the 1st book in the Anton Zavorski occult series and it is not long before the reader is introduced to Angela Gruber and her cousin Matthew. So who are they?

What part do they play when Anton Zavorski is seduced by the beautiful Ruth - the disciple of Nathan Goldstein, a literary agent and powerful adept of the occult?

What is so special about Anton Zavorski that necessitates such extreme measures of manipulation, orchestrated by some of the most powerful people in the world, to battle for his co-operation?

What part does Angela and Matthew play in the ensuing battle of minds?

Has Goldstein, the Satanist, met his match?

The Battle of Anton Zavorski is a story of lust, greed and deception where evil and manipulation are used at the highest level to gain control.

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