Time Travellers

Do you love time travel novels, time travel romances, or just time travel in general! Add them here and discover my books and some of my friends!

Hargrove Perth

Kim Marie Pithie

Kim Marie Pithie

12 December at 22:44

I know that my sci-fi ebook "Marshall Ankara - A Celestial Odyssey : Revenge" is not a Time Travelling novel, however I do find these themed stories well thought out and superbly written. If I could do a "Marshall Ankara - A Celestial Odyssey" in a Time Travelling themed novel I will do, I only hope that I can do the story justice. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy these Time Travelling theamed books, which I feel are fantastic and an enjoyable read from beginning to end.

Mel RJ Smith

Mel RJ Smith

27 May at 23:52

I'm just finalising my Time Travel novel

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