Your Child, Your Mirror

By Martha Alicia Chávez

Health & well-being, Education & teaching, General non-fiction, Psychology & philosophy, Personal growth | eBook

We parents project our life expectations onto our children: our frustrations, our unresolved eras of childhood or adolescence, our 'what ifs' and our unsatisfied needs, hoping unconsciously that they will become an extension of ourselves and give closure to those unfinished issues. Getting to know the "hidden part" of our relationship, understanding why this child, specifically this one, pulls us out of our pigeonhole so easily, why this child annoys us, why it is so difficult for us to love them, why we are determined to change them, and why we pressure them with such insistence, opens the door to the possibility of a deep change in our relationship with that child. Realizing this contributes to transforming feelings of rejection, rancor and the ensuing guilt, toward the only feeling that heals and unites: love.

Martha Alicia Chávez is one of the most respected psychotherapists, authors and lecturers in México. She is a frequent guest on radio and TV, and her lectures always sell out. Martha’s deep commitment to her own inner growth, allows her to transmit ideas in a realistic and honest way, opening the hearts and touching the fibers of those who read or listen to her.




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